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Crieff Brownies
Guiding is a place where girls and young women can challenge themselves, put their ideas into action, take part in an amazing range of activities, and gain the skills to confidently navigate their world. All in a safe and supportive environment that welcomes every girl.

For girls aged 7-10. Normally weekly meeting in St Andrews Halls. Once a week they meet with other girls their age to join in more fun than they could ever imagine. In Guiding, girls can:

Discover the great outdoors and the impact they can have on the environment.

Explore science and technology.

Make their community a better place through small actions that make a big difference.

Learn life skills such as financial literacy and healthy relationships in a fun and engaging way.

Develop an understanding of the issues that impact girls and women around the world.

Location: St Andrews Hall Crieff
Contact: Helen Newton
Phone: 07803595954
COVID-19 precautions:  
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