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Crieff Community Action Plan 2021-2026

The Crieff Community Action Plan 2021-2026 is a renewal of the 2013-2018 plan and work continues towards achieving those identified priorities and actions that are stillrelevant today. The updated plan embraces new priorities and actions as identified by the community for development during the exhaustive consultation process that took place between November 2020 and March 2021.

The Community Action Plan was facilitated and led by a Steering Group which brings together representatives of Crieff Community Trust, Crieff Community Council, Crieff Connexions, Crieff Community Garden, Logos Youth Project, Creative Crieff, Strathearn Arts, Crieff Succeeds, Remake Scotland, Crieff & Strathearn Museum, Live Active Leisure, local Councillors and representatives of Perth & Kinross Council.

Full details of all Themes, Priorities and Next Steps (actions) can be viewed in the Action Plan but a summary of progress for each Theme can be viewed by clicking on the ‘read more‘ links below.

Short text updates for individual priorities/actions will be populated underneath the relevant progress tracker when available – progress trackers

are set to 0% (white) until progress has been made when the tracker will change colour (see Theme 2, Priority 3 for an example of a completed action).

If you would like further information about anything specific in the plan, please email who can then put you in touch with one of the relevant lead partners.

Help turn the plan into action

If you would like to get involved with any aspect of the Crieff Community Action Plan 2021-2026 and help turn the plan into action please complete this form. We will let you know if there are any meetings or developments in the area in which you are interested.

This information will not be used for any purposes other than for Crieff CAP communication by Crieff Community Trust. It will not be passed on to any third parties.


Crieff Community Action Plan 2021-2026:

Crieff Community Views Survey Report
Crieff Community Stakeholder Report
Mentimeter Voting Report
Crieff Community Action Plan 2021-2026 

Crieff Community Action Plan 2013-2018:

Crieff Community Action Plan 2013-2018
2013-2018 Crieff Community Action Plan Update

Theme 1: Community – Working Together and Tackling Inequalities

Main Priorities

  • Develop a ‘Uniting Crieff’ forum/partnership
  • Recognising and tackling inequalities
  • Develop a Youth Voice in Crieff
Read more

Theme 2: Community Facilities, Activities and Events

Main Priorities

  • Audit and directory of community facilities and activities
  • Explore potential for a Community Hub
  • Develop facilities and activities for young people
  • Develop more outdoor recreational activities
  • Ensure facilities and activities are accessible and inclusive to all.
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Theme 3: Local Economy

Main Priorities

  • Continue to support and develop the retail and hospitality sectors
  • Continue to support and develop arts and culture as an asset
  • Develop and promote Crieff as a Visitor Destination
  • Continue to develop support for existing and new small businesses
Read more

Theme 4: Town Appearance, Environment and Heritage

Main Priorities

  • Town enhancement – continue to improve the appearance of the town
  • Development of a green network through the town and out to the countryside
  • Support initiatives to make more of Crieff’s heritage
  • Develop Crieff as a sustainable town
Read more

Theme 5: Sport, Health and Wellbeing

Main Priorities

  • Establish a Sport Hub
  • Improve access to sports facilities
  • Young people in sport
  • Promote Health and Wellbeing
Read more

Theme 6: Access to Services and Transport

Main Priorities

  • Tackle anti-social behaviour
  • Improve access to local services
  • Enhance public transport provision
Read more

Theme 7: Traffic Management and Pedestrians

Main Priorities

  • Traffic calming measures
  • Parking arrangements
  • Improvements to pavements
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