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Crieff Scottish Country Dancing
A small social group for practising Scottish Country Dances

Dance has a special place in the culture of Scotland. Scottish country dancing is a healthy and fun activity enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds in Scotland and across the world. Dancers are normally grouped in sets, typically of three, four or five pairs arranged either in two lines (partners facing each other) or in a square. They work together to dance a short sequence of formations that provide a particular dance with its identity. Each pair gets the chance to experience the dance from different positions.

Location: Royal British Legion Hall, Perth Road, Crieff PH7 3EB
Contact: Joan Anderson / Kate Kinnear
Phone: 07986624660
COVID-19 precautions:  
Please bring your own cup for tea or coffee. Hand gel provided for use between dances. Windows kept open for improved ventilation.
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